Monday, December 7, 2009

Ready to Thread

Here is the warp in all it's colourful glory. You can clearly see the gaps where the varigated yarns will go.

In order to transfer the ends of the warp to just behind the heddles, I cover the second beam with some plastic. The 6 bouts of varigated yarns have already been transferred behind the heddles, leaving the rest of the colours taped to the beam, ready to be cut in as soon as the first two afghans are woven.

Since there were only 6 bouts of the varigated, I didn't hang the second stick but transferred the six bouts of varigated to the stick with the main warp. In this photo I've already done the 3 bouts on the far side and am about to do the last three.

The empty stick was removed after the transfer just to get it out of the way.

While I can thread from two sticks, the top one isn't as stable because it's hung from cords so it will make threading somewhat easier (and therefore faster) to consolidate all the bouts on one stick and tape it firmly to the loom behind the heddles.

I'm not sure where today has gotten to - I had great intentions for getting a bunch of stuff done this morning, but seem to have frittered it away on various and sundry distractions. Like reading through the paperwork to apply for an Ashford dealership. :}

I've been saying for years I want to cut back on all the stuff I do, but the opportunity presented itself to take over a dealership so Doug and I talked about it and since he wants to retire in a couple or three years we decided to go this route and see how it works out.

He likes messing with the equipment involved in spinning and weaving, and he's much more comfortable at being a salesperson than I am so we've been looking at doing more shows. Having him come along to share the driving and set up/tear down will take a huge load off of me, doing it all by myself. Adding an Ashford dealership would help expand our offerings. Doug talked with the distributor this morning and now I just need to get the info to him and hope for a favourable result.

In the meantime I did finish weaving the placemat warp and worked out a simple stripe sequence for a tea towel warp. Here are the first 6 inches of the warp wound onto the warping board.

There is a meeting I need to attend tonight so I think rather than start threading the AVL I am going to continue winding the tea towel warp so that I can get it into the loom tomorrow. That way I can do my daily 45-60 minutes of 'therapy' weaving. My bp is still throwing small spikes, although it's been much better for the last week or so. Since exercise still seems to be the most effective way to calm a spike down, there is high incentive for me to keep at least one loom weave-able at all times. :)


barbara said...

Looking at the AVL warped is a beautiful sight. One heck of a lot of work, the weaving is the thanks we get after all that winding. A job well done.
Weaverly yours ...... Barbara

Laura said...

Yes - it won't take too long now to thread, sley and tie on. :D