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Saturday, July 4, 2015


hemmed and ready to go (except for final pressing)  
Warp:  2/16 cotton, weft 100% linen
Price:  $38 each
boxes - 4
twill blocks (middle) 3
zig-zag - 6

still on the loom, same as above.  vertical lines are reed marks which should disappear (pretty much) during wet finishing.  I'm calling this design 'confetti'.  Three woven so far, probably going to do six.

It's July and it's hot!  Hotter than we are used to, especially when it comes with the higher humidity we get in the summer.  I'm so grateful we have air conditioning or weaving would be nigh impossible.  I heard a forecast that said this summer was going to be wicked hot, which is nice, in a way, but not for the long term.  We are already in a state of dangerously high wild fire conditions.  So far we have been lucky in this part of the province - other parts?  Not so much.

My special offering continues until July 9.  I'm including these towels even though some of them are still in process - in fact - still on the loom.  But they will be off very soon.  

Remember - buy two items until July 9 (inclusive) and you get free shipping.

Currently reading the Ballad of Jacob Peck by Debra Komar - a true crime book about a murder that took place in New Brunswick in the early 1800's.  

Thursday, July 2, 2015

For Sale

2/16 cotton warp, linen weft - chocolate weft $28 each 7 left, beige weft - $28 each 8 left

2/16 cotton warp, linen weft - pale green warp $36 each 18 left, darker turquoise warp $36 each 11 left

2/16 cotton warp, tow linen weft $28 each, 7 left

2/16 cotton warp, tow linen weft $28 each 7 left

2/16 cotton warp, tow linen weft $28 each 23 left

2/16 cotton warp, Fox Fibre naturally coloured organic cotton weft $36 each, one left

2/16 rose cotton warp, linen weft $38 each 18 left, Rose slub weft $32 each 12 left

2/8 cotton warp with slub, pale rose 5 left, dark red 7 left, both $24 each

Buy two items (Weave a V at $20, A Good Yarn: Rayon $40 included) and receive free shipping.

There are two more scarlet towels left (see previous post).  There are sea blue/green towels being hemmed.  Will post photos as soon as they are done, assuming they will be done before the 9th of July.

Taking Stock

Yesterday, with the help of a friend, several boxes of textiles were tagged and priced, ready to go to the annex for storage until the fall sales.  Since I had been fretting about the upcoming fall sales, it felt great to see the pile all in one place.  

Not all of this is quite ready yet.  Doug is pressing more towels and a dozen place mats I cut apart, serged and wet finished yesterday.  By tonight I will have more hemming to do.

The next mat warp is rough sleyed, ready to beam, one warp is patiently waiting in the wings and another is in the process of being wound.  There are about 25 yards left on the AVL for towels.  I have a Power Point presentation to write, a class manual to edit, and bob save me, I'm contemplating writing another book.  Yikes.   

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Latest batch of towels tagged and ready to go...80% cotton, 20% linen.  $34 each

Canada Day

Today is Canada Day - a day of celebration of the 'birth' of our country.  We are enjoying a lovely sunny day and there are many events going on of which I am attending...none.  Rather I am celebrating that I am getting better, have a little more energy and tackling a mountain of administrivia that really needs to be dealt with.

Procrastination is fine but doesn't accomplish the stuff that really needs doing.

As a self-employed person, every day is a potential work day.  Yes, even Canada Day!

To that end, the first of the towel pictures - these towels are made with 2/16 cotton warp and a tow linen weft.  Price is $32 each.  There are about 6 of each (more of the orange/beige) left although I still haven't made it to the annex to do an actual count.  Hopefully later today.

Today I am wet finishing a couple of loads of tea towels - more of the rose ones, and the first 10 off the blue/green warp.  Will get photos of those posted in the next day or two.  

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Free Shipping

lots of copies, some signed (12?)  $20

12 copies - $40

Well, it's that time of the year again!  Where has this year gone?

As per usual, I will be having my 'birthday bash' special offering - July 1-9 buy two items and get free shipping.

I will be posting photos of the tea towels I have available - pretty much anything I've posted in the last six months on my blog.  Which I realize isn't much but then, I haven't been weaving much, either.
However, I also have some left from last year like these:

They are made from 2/16 cotton warp and a singles 20 linen weft.  The design is Young Lover's Knot woven in twill blocks.  I think there are six left.  Have to check for sure.

Or contact me to see if I have something in a colour you'd like.

There are also lots of painted warp scarves, too many to try to post because each one is individual.

The colours change along the length of each scarf, sometimes dramatically, sometimes subtlety.

Towels range in price from $24 to $36.  Prices will be going up this fall (just saying).  Painted warp scarves are $125.

The silk shawl/scarves I wove during recovery are $150.

Happy birthday Canada (July 1), the United States (July 4)...and moi...

(email me laura at laurafry dot com to inquire about photos or place an order)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Know Your Materials

A good crafts person learns as much as possible about their tools and materials as they can.  For weavers this means understanding the inherent characteristics of the fibres they work with and how preparation for, and then spinning them, will affect those characteristics.

One of the things covered in the Olds curriculum is an introduction to the materials being used, but if you can't take a class where this is covered you can find out by doing a search on the Internet, taking my webinar via Interweave, called A Good Yarn, or asking your library for books on fabric science.  Here are just three such books I have in my personal library.  And why I am registered for two spinning workshops next month.  You can never know too much about your materials, imho...