Thursday, October 8, 2015

In the Beginning

The ice has broken.  It's probably crap, but it's a start...taking suggestions for content.  What would you like to see covered by moi?  Won't guarantee it will fit, but...

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Time Out

I've been away from home and studio for a week, now, and I'm missing the loom.  Fibre work this week has been knitting.  I am finally using up the last of the yarn I spun a few years ago by making scarves and cowls for the Cold Snap Music Festival which takes place sometime in January.  I forget the dates, off hand, but a search will no doubt turn up details.  

Mary has been spinning and today I asked if I could use her computer and start generating text for the next Big Project.  I managed to write a one page Forword and a one page Introduction.  These two pages are helping me focus on what I want to accomplish with this suspected massive missive and may wind up getting cut entirely, or heavily modified.   But I needed to set my thoughts out in some sort of tangible way to see my way clear to what I want to accomplish.  

Now I am letting those thoughts settle into my conscious and sub-conscious while I consider format and content.

Tomorrow we are planning a quiet day and I may start going through some of my files.  I only have hard copies here and the information will need editing so I might be able to work on those pages and get them shaped into something I like before I leave.  I'm sure that once I really get going things will tend to fall into place, but...

Tonight I will carry on with the latest scarf, two rows of one yarn, two rows of the other.   I think it is looking pretty good, and will hopefully keep a starving musician warm during the festival in January.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What Day Is It?

It's Holiday!

If it is the Duck March, it must be Memphis, TN.

From the roof of the Peabody. 

The mighty Mississippi.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rayon Chenille Re-visited

Back around the turn of this century (my, do I feel old saying that!) I wove a bazillion rayon chenille scarves until, frankly, I was pretty sick of them.  

They were a good thing to do at that time.  Each warp was five meters resulting in two scarves.  In order to weave them quickly I concentrated on plain weave and coloured stripes of various combinations.  When I got tired of doing them I had learned an enormous amount about Colour interactions in plain weave and gotten really good at weaving plain weave.  I don't regret doing them, although I was reluctant to return to doing them again.  

But I have all this rayon chenille...probably 50 pounds, maybe more.  And I was out of inventory of scarves. 

Since I really did not want to produce exactly the same thing, knowing I really needed to use up the yarn, I bit the bullet and designed a stripe sequence and started weaving scarves.  

A warp winding elf offered to wind some warps for me and having her in the studio, all new and enthusiastic gave me a much needed energy boost and I have a small but growing stack of scarves.  And already variations are beginning to percolate.  Part of that is necessity.  I'm getting very low on variegated rayon chenille and some colours and I really do not want to buy more.  

I am also running out of time before the sale season begins.  My explorations into this interesting, and at times demanding, yarn is going to continue for a while.  

Saturday, September 26, 2015


With deadlines for shows rapidly approaching, I feel like I'm racing towards a finish line.  I'm so low on rayon chenille scarves that I am trying really hard to get a bunch woven, even at the expense of doing some other stuff that doesn't much appeal to me.   I am being aided and abetted by a friend who has been coming to wind warps for me.  Today she got two more done and will come back tomorrow morning.  

Today I dressed the loom with a warp (each warp yields two scarves) and wove them off.  Just now I beamed this warp and expect to get it weaving before dinner.  

But not if I don't get over there and just do it!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Piling Up

One of the things you must do if you are selling your textiles is to have 'proper' labels.

Since the definition of 'proper' is a legal one it is a good idea to know what the laws are for you.  In Canada, labels for garments are required to be permanent (must withstand 10 cleanings), must have the fibre content in both official languages and care instructions.  Fashion accessories and household textiles don't need to be permanent.  You must also supply contact info.

I don't make garments to sell so I combine the above information on my hang tag and attach using a plastic stem gun.

The price is affixed to the tag on a small sticker that can be peeled off if it is a gift.  

Getting the tags onto the textile is time consuming and fiddly but it must be done.  Therefore I do it. 

Stack of towels awaiting their hang tags.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Matter of Choice

If I were to choose how I am to be remembered then it would be for this philosophy: