Saturday, November 6, 2010

Studio Fair Day 2 Dawning

This is a view similar to the one I took yesterday but a little closer - and better colour because I brought my camera. The phone camera washes the colour out too much.
I wasn't happy with the placement of the mirror (which I 'hid' with some wool scarves) but it was about the best place for it in terms of allowing people to actually see themselves in it and for lighting. In Vancouver (One of a Kind) we'll just have a 5 x 10 booth so the mirror will go at one end of the booth rather than in the centre because we just won't have sufficient room for it there.
The good news is that the crowds were much thicker today and people seemed to be spending a little bit of money. But this area has been hit hard by the sagging economy and they are being very careful where they spend.
After thinking about the hang tag issue for a couple of days, and also because I know the paper I'm using has gone up considerably in price *AND* because the format of my cards is now going to be much too expensive, I've decided to look into some light photogrey paper and just have one ink colour instead of black and silver. While I really liked the look of the silver outlined butterfly, it's just gotten too difficult/costly to continue with.
So my next order of business cards/hang tags I'll talk with the printer about options for paper. He's already told me that he's deep sixing the offset press which they used for my cards, so it's time to update. I think if I can get a light enough value of grey - almost a silver - that should work nicely.
But that's a job for next year.

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