Thursday, December 16, 2010

Post Show Slump

Like a re-chargable battery it seems like the older I get the longer it takes me to re-charge after a big expenditure of energy. :} And it seems like I've been running pretty much full tilt since September.

So since getting home Monday night I've done very little other than read (one book was overdue at the library and I wanted to finish it), watch video clips on You Tube and play Zuma Blitz on Facebook. :(

But I no longer worry about these periods of low energy. I understand that wells run dry and need time to re-fill. Batteries run low and need to be re-charged. It's the same with me and, I suspect, other people - especially those relying on creativity for their income.

I haven't been a total slug. I did get my banking done and the November ledger balanced, reconciling it to my chequebook. A job that can take an enormous amount of time but went fairly smoothly this time. Thankfully. Doing the number crunching isn't one of my fav jobs but absolutely necessary. Year end is coming soon, too, so I need to get my books ready to take to the accountant.

I've also started working on the trip in January and things are beginning to fall into place. I'll get to visit with Sharon in NC (hi Sharon!) after all and another friend in the Tampa area in between the two FL workshops. So on this trip I'm actually going to have some 'holiday' time. And hopefully some warm weather. :D Warmer than here at any rate.

We were approached at OOAK by two other shows so we'll be investigating those for next year. OOAK was okay but quite a few customers wondered why we weren't doing the other older more established show in Vancouver so we'll see if my work gets accepted by their jury. If not I can always return to OOAK. The show in Calgary Doug used to do eons ago also approached us so we'll look at their show dates and prices. The good news there is that they have changed venues and move in/out will be much simpler than the previous venue.

I've also decided on my next warp for the AVL - even have all the yarn I need on hand so more stash busting will happen. Always A Good Thing! For part of the warp I'll be doing a prototype for a craftsperson who approached me at OOAK and I'll need to use a temple. Thank goodness I borrowed one the right size from Syne Mitchell - that was intended for another project but I can make good use of it for this one! (Thanks Syne - you're a life saver!)

There are still some errands to run today and tomorrow and hopefully we can finish unloading the van - there is stuff to be delivered to the annex and stuff to be picked up and brought here but I haven't felt like battling the parking lot there to deal with it. And it will wait.

For now I'm off to pick up my mother as we need to do a Costco run and much better to get that over and done with today rather than next week.

Currently reading Strange Brew, edited by P. N. Elrod after finishing No Humans Involved by Kelley Armstrong. I'm really enjoying KA's writing - her approach to her subject matter - the supernatural - is a bit different as she writes via the different characters in her universe. And if you're wondering about the red maple leaf on the spine of her book, that's how our local library indicates a Canadian writer........did I ever say how much I love my local library????


Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

HOORAY for local libraries!!! (written in support of my own - which managed to get The Woven Pixel for me last week - the *only* copy in the country!)

Sharon Schulze said...

Hi Laura! I love libraries in general - my local library just built a beautiful new building and it's a joy to visit. Nobody seems impressed with the sculpture they chose to put up outside but other than that, well, the parking lot is always full!

Looking forward to the visit in January. :-)

Laurel Corona said...

Take your time! No need to go at warp speed all the time (pun intended)

Sharon Schulze said...

HAHAHA! Warp speed is pretty slow for me these days.... ;-)