Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The looms have been quiet for a very long time but I am about to go fire up the AVL and see if I can weave again without triggering more issues with my lower back and hip.

It is also quiet because a friend who came to visit for the weekend left on the early morning flight today.  It was wonderful to have a fellow fibre addict in the house, to talk weaving, a little spinning, and Life.  Her departure has left a big void.

I'm used to leaving town on a regular basis in order to spend quality time with other fibre people.  Being unable to travel due to health issues has been...difficult.  Things are not back to 'normal' yet but at least I'm feeling like weaving has become possible, finally.

And so I'm using the same photo as I did a few blog posts ago because nothing has progressed beyond where I was in terms of weaving.

I'm really hoping that I can pick up the shuttle again.  The fall shows are beginning in three weeks and I'd like to have a few more things ready.  But if not, well, what is done is done and that will have to be sufficient.

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