Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Your Mileage

I was going to use a quote from, I think, Rumi - something about we are all different because we walk different paths and stop to smell different flowers.  But either I'm not remembering the person who said it, or I'm not remembering the quote well enough to find it. 

So, I'm going with Your Mileage May Vary.

So far I've marked 5 of the Olds Fibre Week level one students.  Several have used the same yarn and it has been interesting to see how each person has interpreted the same requirement, using the same yarn.  Which just supports my pithy comment that when you change one thing, everything can change.  And usually does.

Looms are different, yarns are different (even within the same brand - a couple students have noticed that the darker colours behave differently than the natural or lightly coloured yarns), and of course, weavers are different.  Especially the weavers.

Perfection is always aimed for, but my primary concern in teaching this course is to help people develop critical thinking skills, building their personal database of knowledge and fine tune their physical skills.  Which processes they use are less important to me than that they work ergonomically.  Weaving is a craft of repetitive motions which can lead to injury if done in a way that stresses the body.  Since many people coming to the craft are in their (ahem) middle or older years, they may already have injuries that they need to be aware of so as to not cause further harm.  

We only get one body and while some joints can be replaced, muscles cannot.  At least not at this time or without a great deal of discomfort.  Since my surgery a little over two years ago, I find that at my current age it is harder and harder to regain the fitness level I had enjoyed.

To that end we have signed up at the Y.  I watched my mother get more and more frail as her health issues became more severe and she lost strength, then balance, stamina and energy.  I need to keep this body as fit and healthy as possible because I got a whole lot of stash that needs weaving!


RachelB said...

I have been attempting to use equipment at my local Y three times a week for several years now. I do notice when I don't go for a week because of scheduling conflicts that my shoulders tighten, my lower back is prone to aching and my damaged knee will actively hurt when using stairs.
When I started I had hopes of weight reduction of which I haven't seen a lot. (I need to work on portion sizes...) The amount of time spent changing, exercising, and then cleaning up after feels ridiculous but for the well documented benefits of a less achy and better balancing body.

Peg Cherre said...

I hate how much longer it takes to recover from an injury (pinched sciatic nerve at the moment). I hate the fact that although I 'think' I'm reasonably strong and flexible, I can't do what I used to be able to do. My brain doesn't feel as old as my body does, and I don't like that fact. I don't like the reality of aging, and am trying to be a bit more accepting of it, but without much success so far.

bibliotecaria said...

Regarding your last comment on physical recovery, I recently found out about a book that might be interesting to you. It's called Dynamic Aging by Katy Bowman and four others. I haven't read it, but I have read other books by Katy Bowman, and very much like her information and approach. You might want to check it out.