Saturday, December 30, 2017


Thought I would do a post on some of the (mostly on line) resources I find useful.

(note - I published this monograph by Kerstin Fro:berg and sell it)

Weave a V is an explanation of double weave and how to weave a V shaped shawl.  Instructions for both rising and sinking shed looms.  $25 including shipping (If in Europe, Kerstin sells it herself.)

Of course there are my DVD's, done via Interweave Press and Power Point presentation A Good Yarn.

There are also my video clips on You Tube  These are free.

Other resources I recommend are Janet Dawson's Crafty class

Jane Stafford's on line guild/classes

More on line classes from Tien Chiu, on creativity and design

Robyn Spady is publishing Heddlecraft

WeaveZine is still archived on line.  There are articles and podcasts (I transcribed most of the podcasts if you prefer to read a transcript) has hundreds of drafts as well as weaving publications to download

Weavolution is still available and Magic in the Water can be purchased (pdf version only) through this website - or from me directly.

The Association of Northwest Weavers is just one of the regional associations that hosts conferences.  Check your area for yours.  (This is mine, and their conference every second year will be held here in Prince George, BC Canada in 2019.  Our Keynote Speaker Abby Franquemont has started lessons on line as well.)

Handweavers Guild of America also hosts a conference every second year on even numbered years and Complex Weavers does as well.

Guild of Canadian Weavers has a newsletter and their master weaver program

This is just a short list of the resources available.  There are also Facebook groups of all stripes and a few on Ravelry.

If your aim is to learn more in the coming year, these are just a few of the places I recommend.

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badfaerie said...

You ans Tien are invaluable resources. Thank you for sharing.