Sunday, June 24, 2018

Story Tellers

As a child I wanted to write.  I dabbled in fiction, poetry, but nothing really gelled.  Not until I started weaving.  And realized that my 'story' was the story of textiles.

One of the advantages of the Olds program is that we get to tell each other our stories.  We get to share our experiences.  We get to know each other as people, as well as weavers (spinners, felters, etc.)

My opus major was Magic in the Water, but I have been writing for publication for many years.  Perhaps too many?  I recently told someone I'd been doing this for almost 50 years, but I was wrong.  It's only been 43 years.  I was tired and my brain blipped.  But however many years it has been, weaving has been part of me for many more years than I wasn't a weaver.  Or maybe I always was, and just didn't know it.

Weaving is integral to my well being.  My mental health.  My core as a person.

As we finalize the details for the conference, I am beginning to think of ways for others to express their stories, in their cloth.  To that end I am thinking about Challenges From the Chair and have come up with some ideas I will be running by the committee.

We have structured the schedule to hopefully give the participants plenty of time to socialize.  And tell each other our stories.  Getting to know each other means, I think, encouraging everyone to see that we are more alike than we are different.

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