Sunday, April 21, 2019

About that Elephant

colour gamp with earth tones - colour gamps don't have to be rainbow - just sayin'

Well, Life Happens, sometimes more co-operatively than...others...

I have caught a cold.  So far it isn't too bad and I've been able to keep going.

Today I have sent official letters for American presenters to show when they cross the border.  I have let them know their numbers and given them email contact info for the students in their workshops.

One person who is doing a hand's on two part seminar needed her student email contacts too, so those also got sent out.

Eventually I got dressed (yes, all of that was done in my jammies!) and got to the loom to weave one towel.

That meant a late lunch, some procrastination, then back to the loom for a second towel.  It is now 'official' - two more navy towels will finish off the rest of the navy linen (except for some dribs and drabs).

Back to the desktop and dealing with 10 people who had some of their choices cancelled because there just were not enough people signed up for them to run.  We really hated to cancel, kept hoping for a few more to register but had to finally bite the bullet and make some hard decisions.

It's now 4 pm here and I am 'stick a fork in me, I'm done' state.  Time to go cast on another shawl (I finished knitting the one I have been working on last night) and then maybe do some hemming.  Because the current warp will be coming off the loom soon and I've barely touched the first dozen towels that Doug pressed two weeks ago.

What can I say.  I've been a wee bit busy.

OH, yeah - just about forgot - after we confirmed with Janet Dawson her workshop Gamptastic! was a 'go', we had a cancellation.  Since some local guild members had offered to supply a few looms for her workshop, if you are a weaver and didn't want to drag a loom to Prince George?  We can probably fit you up with one.  It will even be dressed.  All you have to do is arrive with your favourite shuttle. 


steelwool said...

This is what you do when you get a cold? How about grabbing a hot tea and a book and curling up with an blanket. Relax, refresh...……..remember, if you do too much , you just show us what slackers we really are.

Laura Fry said...

I crashed and burned yesterday and took the day 'off' (from weaving). So far no answers to the flurry I sent out yesterday and I just told Doug that I'm taking today as a 'sick' day, too. I have hemming and fringe twisting that will be good to complete and not too strenuous.