Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Recovery from this surgery is multi-staged.  The first milestone is getting the bone healed.  In order to do that the staff stressed that no more than 5 pounds be lifted and to keep any loads close to the body.  No reaching for anything of any weight.  If the sternum doesn't heal properly - well that's not good and extreme measures need to be taken.  And you essentially wind up at square one and start recovery all over again.  

Since I really don't want to wind up going down that road I am being good and not doing anything that will stress the sternum.  That includes handwork.  

Today I reached the half way mark of the first six weeks.  While every day is a tiny bit better than before I'm a ways from the first milestone, let alone the parts that come once the bone has healed.  Like breaking my ankle...once the bone was healed the real recovery had to begin.  I have no illusions about being able to leap back onto the loom at six weeks, one day.   I had hoped to be weaving by week eight, but that is just a hope.  Reality may present something quite different.  

Then there are the unexpected adverse effects...minor in the larger scheme of things, but annoying nonetheless.  

Visits from friends have helped distract me from the grey dreary days and the slow ticking of the clock. I'm feeling well enough to read and today we went to a local Indy bookstore where a very generous gift certificate was waiting for me.  I scored four more books to add to my reading pile.  I'm hoping to feel more alert tomorrow because Dr gave permission to start reducing the beta blocker.  

Currently reading The Last of the Lumbermen by Brian Fawcett.  Fawcett grew up in Prince George and has used the town as a setting before.  This time he called it something else but it's a pretty thin disguise.  I've had some fun with it identifying some of the locations. 



Rhonda from Baddeck said...

I'm curious about why handwork (e.g. hemming) is prohibited - certainly not because of the weight limit (a book would be heavier). And it's held close to your body. Is it because your arms are held in a not-optimal position?

Laura Fry said...

Any flexing of the sternum before it is healed could compromise the bone knitting together properly. So no repeated flexing of the bone, no picking up anything over five pounds, etc Anything that causes discomfort is not recommended, no pushing or pulling, not even supposed to open or close the car door. Not supposed to use arms to stand from a sitting position or do anything with arms extended or above your head. Which doesn't leave a whole lot...

Sandra Rude said...

As long as you're feeling a bit better each day, the healing is happening, even in small degrees. Hang in there, it just takes time!

Peg Cherre said...

It sounds like you have the right attitude, Laura. Healing is the most important thing, and everything else is an annoyance, not a big mountain.

We're all rooting for you!