Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Nitty Gritty

Today I again sorted through mom's jewelry.  In the end I kept just one necklace with a bunch of tiny opals, which will go with the other opals to a local jeweller who has expressed interest in taking the opals from their setting to make a pendant, which I will wear.  

The rest will go to a local antique store because most of it is costume, not 'fine'.  There are a couple of rings that are nice, but since I work with my hands I don't wear fancy rings.  Keeping them would be pointless.  

Many trips to the women's shelter and thrift store have almost emptied the apartment.  Mostly what is now left are things we will keep. 

After a month of hardly getting to the studio, I told Doug yesterday I want my life back.  The only things left now are to finish emptying the apartment and file mom's income tax.  It is time to focus on the studio. 

First rayon chenille warp in the queue. 

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