Saturday, January 28, 2017

Pushing Limits

One of the things I like about working in series is that as I work through colour options, I find myself becoming more bold in the colours I put together.

While this warp was wound a long time ago, it is an example of what happens when I start to run out of colours in my stash, or I find myself wondering 'what would happen if'.

I'm still not sure about this particular colour combination.  I don't personally like lime green, but I have a cone of it and it needs to get used up.  I'm not sure about the addition of the burgundy with the lime green, greyed green and dark green.

I am completely out of my comfort zone with this warp.  But it's wound, so I'm weaving it.  We will see how it looks once woven.


Stephanie S said...

Looks beautiful to me.

Dianne said...

Its going to look wonderfully exciting. Go for it.