Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Little Help from my Friends

Today, in between dealing with Life, unpacking, sorting, beginning to re-pack (for Victoria and ANWG), get ready for Mary's one day workshop The Empress' Tea Cup (silk, silk and more silk) we wound up with a few minutes in which we could retreat from the madding crowd.

Mary sorted through the 2/8 cotton, getting colours sorted (a good colour exercise) and neatly stored on the shelves.  She made so much room with her sorting, she was able to empty two bags of yarn and put it on the shelves, too.  That particular goat trail is now a wee bit wider...

While she was doing that, I wove the first tea towel on the warp I left ready to go when I left for Olds last week.  

What a delight to have such willing and helpful hands!

I still have a bunch of paperwork to deal with (student submissions to be printed out, travel/expense form to fill out so I can get paid for the class in Cape Breton), craft fairs to apply for or sign contracts and submit deposits.

Some of the administrivia will have to wait until July to be fitted in around the rather busy schedule that has somehow managed to create itself for July, including recovery from dental surgery.  I'm hoping it won't take more than a few days but if it takes longer I have spinning, knitting, hand hemming and a big bag of jigsaw puzzles I am looking forward to working on quietly.

This year has been slipping through my fingers and some of my goals are not likely to be met.  But I will give it my best.  Ultimately whatever gets made, gets made.  And in the meantime, my cotton shelves look very pretty.  And neat.  And tidy.  

PS - Mary is available to teach in the Lower Mainland around the middle to the end of May next year if anyone wants a great spinning workshop...

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Rhonda from Baddeck said...

Those shelves look fantastic! Colours beautifully arranged, and what a bonus to have a couple of bags emptied!