Monday, June 12, 2017

Renovation Hell

The work on our house was extensive, but required.  Unfortunately renovations rarely go smoothly, and such has been the case with ours.  The latest adventure occurred over the weekend.

During the trip home I phoned to let Doug know everything looked good for getting home on time.  At which point he let me know that the sewer line had been broken the day before and we had no sewer use.  He'd turned the house water off so that we didn't forgetfully run water.  I told him to book a room at a nearby hotel.  I was arriving home at midnight (4 am according to my body clock after spending a week in Cape Breton) and all I wanted to do was be able to brush my teeth, wash my face and use the toilet so I could fall into bed.  Any bed.

On Sunday the excavator returned(!) to open the hole and voila, found the broken pipe.

The crew to repair the pipe has just arrived and hopefully the repair will be simple and quickly executed and the city inspector will come quickly to test the system and allow the hole to be filled back in.

But dear friends, I am tired of the drama.  I am exhausted from an overload of stress that began last summer, waiting for the reno work to begin, then have it extend over the winter and now into spring to be completed.  I am reeling from Life Happening - or not, such as the case may be.

I would just like to say - give me some boring.  To the universe, now literally 'shitting' on me, please stop!  I still have dental surgery to get through once I get home from Olds/Victoria.  A little peace and quiet is desired.

So if you believe in such things, pray for things to go smoothly today, through Olds and Victoria and my dental surgery (and subsequent repair to my other teeth that need it.)

Because I'm done.  I am just really, really done.  I give.  Uncle...


Sandra Rude said...

I'm so sorry your reno is going both badly and slowly! Renovations are never as simple as one expects, but I hope your life gets boring soon.

Laura Fry said...

I know people have much worse problems they are dealing with, but I just needed a good whine! It feels like the stress has been unrelenting. :(

The good news is that the fix took very little time, the test was good and the hole is now being filled back in. And the noise of the skid steer and compactor is giving me a headache. But it's getting done!

terri said...

Sending good thoughts and prayers your way that things get "boring" soon...