Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Mary Andrews

Early on in my career I had the opportunity to study for two weeks with Mary Andrews at the Banff Centre of Fine Art.  She was strong and independent, generous with her knowledge.  At the end of July she died at 102.

Jane Stafford has written a moving tribute to Mary in her latest newsletter.

It was while at Banff that I became intrigued with Bronson Lace (and huck and Swedish, but mostly Bronson).  When I got home from Banff I spent hours hand drawing drafts because personal computers were not readily available.  In fact I purchased my very first desktop by going into the computer shop with the system requirements for Fiberworks and purchased a system that would run it.

But that came later.

In the weeks following the class at Banff I took up Mary's challenge to really understand what was happening with the threads and how weave structures worked.  I continued to learn how to make designs in different structures.  I, like Jane, learned how the Fibonacci series could be a useful design tool.

Mary modeled how curiosity could lead one down interesting pathways and be a lifelong practice.  She wove well into her 80's until she couldn't any longer.  But she inspired many in western Canada - and beyond.

Thank you, Mary.  

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