Tuesday, March 19, 2019

In Control (sort of )

Bronson Lace heart motif designed using Fiberworks for one of my publications

One of the things I like about weaving is that I get to decide about, well, everything.

Design.  Yarn.  Density.  Colours.

When I bought Fiberworks in 1988, it was because it was the only weaving software at the time that looked like a piece of graph paper when you opened it.  (It was also Canadian, and I didn't have to worry about what the exchange rate was going to do to the price.)

Since then Bob has updated it and it has become more robust, doing so much more than I really need.  While I can use it, I know that it will do a lot more than I currently use it for, and I had hoped to take Bob (and Margaret Coe's) workshop in Victoria.  But it sold out in the first few minutes of registration opening.

So we decided to have him here.  As it happens there are still some seats available in his workshop and seminars.

We have him in the library multi-purpose room where they have a lovely large space, big screen, lots of plug ins for laptops, big tables to work on.

And I still can't take the workshop because - well, I'll be a little busy! 

Maybe next time?

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