Friday, March 15, 2019

In the Darkness

So much sadness today and every day, it seems.

When I despair, I try to remember Fred Rogers' advice - that when bad things happen, look for the people who are helping.  (I paraphrase)

What can I do?

Not much, it feels like.

I can amplify voices promoting love and acceptance.  I can try to still the voices of divisiveness.  I can look for the silver linings in every cloud.  I can cling to hope.  I can acknowledge the humanity in all of us.  I can recognize that injustice has happened, continues to happen.  I can continue in my craft practice, making textiles that I hope will add value to life generally.  In the face of fear, strive to make beauty.

There are days when that last seems useless, I remind myself that every candle of love, positive action, serves to push back the shadows, invites in the light.

Sending virtual hugs to all who need them. 


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Pattie Wall said...

I, too, have these feelings - but not always. Mr. Rogers has it correct I believe. Life's outlook is pretty sad for some. Be the light - I remind myself. Lead by example. Most of all BE KIND.