Saturday, November 21, 2020

A Day Off


Yesterday I pressed 'pause'.  I rarely go a day without doing some sort of task in the studio but what with one thing and another, I found I could not contemplate doing much of anything.

The studio was a 'mess' because I had done a Zoom presentation the night before.  In order to do that, I had to take the laptop that runs the loom, set it up on a riser on my work table, find textiles to show as examples, set up the drying rack to hang the garments, a side table for the smaller samples, rummage through my library for some books.  At the end of the presentation, the samples were heaped up where ever I had set them down, the garments were on the floor, the laptop needed to be put back.  And I couldn't face doing any of that.

So before I could even begin to think about weaving...the studio had to be put back in working order.

We had also bought me a new chair - a recliner - and needed to get rid of the easy chair, so I had gone with Doug to deliver it.  Then sat in the van for nearly an hour while he mailed some parcels.  And got thoroughly chilled.

So when we got home, I made a cup of tea, grabbed my library book, sat and read until it was done.  By that time it was 3 pm.  In other words, by the time I had sorted out the studio there were no spoons left to weave.

Instead I came back upstairs and worked on the puzzle for a while.

After dinner I had a choice - I could either do something productive (hem, knit) or I could continue working on the puzzle.  I was close enough that I thought I could finish making it too.  

And so yesterday became a day of 'finishing'.   I put the last piece of the puzzle in at around 9:30.  

Today I have a few errands to run, which I will do wearing a mask, and then weave one more towel.  That will get me to the halfway point on this warp which means I can cut off the 9 towels, cut/serge them, and get them into the washer and dryer.  Tomorrow they will get pressed and be ready for hemming.

And so the cycle goes.  Round and round.

But every once in a while?  It's good to take a day 'off''.  Press 'pause'.  Start again the next day feeling somewhat refreshed, ready to get back into the routine.

Currently reading The Long Range by C. J. Box

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