Monday, June 21, 2010

Catching Up

If you've been reading my blog for a while you might recognize this fabric. It is one of a series of afghans (throws) that I wove late last year, just as my health appeared to be heading into a downward spiral.

There were a few oopsies that needed to be fixed and quite frankly I just didn't feel well enough to do the repairs. :(

Sometimes it's easier for me to just keep on weaving rather than do the repairs on the loom, so if that's the case I will mark the error with a contrasting thread and then needleweave on my inspection table.

With Mizz B soon moving back home I wanted to show her how to do such repairs and with the arrival of the paperwork from St. Paul's Hospital today I'm feeling much more energetic so I dragged out the beam with the afghans wound on it and showed her how to fix such errors.

I managed to get 3 of them inspected and repaired before getting too tired (and with the fading light it was getting too hard to see) so I'll finish the rest tomorrow.

The paperwork took the better part of an hour, plus I have to go in for blood work a week before the procedure, but St. Paul's Hospital has a great reputation for being a first rate cardiac research hospital so I know I'm in good hands. It would be nice to know why this all blew up so soon and so quickly, though. :( (I have my suspicions, but....)

In the covering letter they mentioned that the nurse will let me know if I 'qualify' for one of their research programs - if I'm approached I've already decided to agree. My CAD is genetic and as a female I didn't have typical symptoms the first go round. This time - partly because I'd already been through it once - I started agitating for a stress test before things became critical. :)

Unfortunately at that time I wasn't having much in the way of typical symptoms - those started after I broke my ankle.

But with the arrival of the paperwork today the procedure is feeling much more 'real' - it's exactly 3 weeks until I get 'fixed' and knowing that has made all the difference in the world in terms of how I'm feeling.

In addition to doing the paperwork and the repairs, I threaded the AVL with the Diversified Plain Weave warp and wove a scarf on the small loom.

It's much easier for me to weave on the small loom right now, so I've decided to leave the warp on the AVL until after I get back from St. Paul's. With the air assist on the AVL I don't have to treadle so it should only be a couple of days until I can weave on that loom. It will be a week before I can weave on the small loom with the treadles. :) And if I don't feel up to weaving right away - well, there's all those afghans that will need fringe twisting. After all I won't have a fringe twisting elf after the end of this month. :(

At least there's the internet and she has family here so will be coming to visit fairly regularly. :)


wonderous woolerie said...

Hello Laura, isn't it strange how life takes us off on sidetracks we would have never thought about sometimes
- glad you are going in for 'repairs' soon and that you have already felt the change in the energy which comes from feeling that there is a well planned secure path ahead of you, not just question marks and wrinkled brows.
Warped hugs goes out to you from Nova Scotia

Susan said...

You will do very well at St Paul's! That's where my father has had two heart surgeries and great success with both. (They were 16 years apart by the way..)
In fact he was just there again and got the all clear. Well on his heart at any rate!

Dr's Abel and Kiess are great....


barbara said...

Hi Laura, sure lots been going on in your life the past few years; glad to hear that you are "going in for repairs". My thoughts and prayers will be with you and Doug. Hopefully, once this is done it will be clear sailing for you.
Weaverly yours ..... Barbara

Geodyne said...

It's amazing what a difference having a date can make, isn't it?

Wishing you the best, and much enjoyment while your twisting fairy is still with you.

Sharon Schulze said...

Hooray for you! I'm always amazed at how one simple thing can create such a difference in my outlook! One kind word or listening ear or promising letter and the optimism and accompanying energy come flooding back!