Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Had to Laugh...

...at myself just because I'm so predictable.

Went shopping at Costco yesterday to stock up on vitamins and noticed they had a new display of mats. I had really liked the ones I saw a few weeks ago but they had been far too large for the entry space in my kitchen.

They now had a much larger selection and one size was almost right - a bit on the small side - but the price couldn't be beat. So I bought two. One to leave out daily, the other to lay out when we are getting ready for a show to protect the floor as boxes get stacked up ready to load into the van.

Now shopping at Costco is not a thoughtful affair. You (well, I, at any rate) kind of grab and run and if it isn't right - well, Costco has this great return policy. :}

So I kind of rummaged through the pile and decided on the beige colourway rather than the darker brown and beige - without ever unfolding the mats to look at the overall design.

It wasn't until I got home that I actually saw the pattern woven into the rug.

I am sooooo a weaver!

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Sharon Schulze said...

HAHAHAHA!! Beautiful rug, Laura! Gotta love Costco.

Every time I pick a weaving pattern I will see something and say "ohhhh... that's really nice" and every time it ends up being... DIAMONDS!

I guess diamonds are this weaver girl's best friend. :-)

Sandra Rude said...

Ah, yes - a triaxial weave. Your inner self knew even if your eyes hadn't had time to decide.