Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fortunate One

When I got home from errands, this mysterious tube awaited me!

There is nothing like receiving hand woven textiles when you weave your own self - you know exactly (well, maybe not exactly) what is involved!  Who better to appreciate a textile than a fellow weaver?

What I want to know is how Sandra knew exactly the right colours - and subject matter - to gift me with.  :D

The past few weeks I have at times been feeling quite sorry for myself, and even had a certain amount of feedback from the various and sundry medical people I've come in contact with to support that feeling.  That my life right now really is challenging, that I'm not over reacting to everything that has been going on.

On the other hand all of this stuff has shown up in my life, so obviously I am meant to deal with it.  If it wasn't mine, it wouldn't have come.

Some friends have emailed me asking how I am doing, really?  Wondering if I am perhaps putting on a brave face on for the world.

Well, I can tell you that I'm not a very brave person.  And yes, I'm actually doing well at the moment.  I've been warned that things will get worse before they get better, but ultimately living with lymphoma is a lot like weaving - it all depends.  Statistics say that I will probably lose my hair.  OTOH, I've read articles which say that it may only thin.  Statistics say that fatigue will become greater as the cycles progress.  But those are just statistics. 

Since I have very rarely been in the bulge of the bell curve all of my life, I'm hoping that I will be able to manage to get through the next five months without too much fatigue.  And if the good wishes being sent my way are any indication - well, the next five months will be over in no time and I'll achieve remission, healthier than I've been for 3+ years.

But whatever happens, I know one thing for sure - I am a fortunate one.


Sandra Rude said...

I'm glad it got there safely, finally! And glad you like it. Heed the words, I meant 'em!

Evelyn said...

Such a beautiful and thoughtful gift! I like your line about how if this wasn't yours you wouldn't be doing it. I too think you are very brave and strong.

Claudia Rizzi said...

Laura, statistics are just numbers, as you said. Live the moment; tomorrow is another day, so worry about it JUST tomorrow. And yes, you´re a fortunate one, for you´re surronded by love, intercontinental, overseas love, family and close friends love - and that´s going to drive you through the storm.


Louisa said...

What a beautiful weaving from Sandra! Such a special gift. You are much braver and stronger than you think you are, Laura! Hang in there. Cut yourself lots of slack. Give yourself little treats and indulgences when you can. Whine and whinge if you need to. Big hugs!

Martha said...

That's the spirit! We all have good days and not so good days, and this is more of the same with different names/issues/worries. Thank you for sharing your journey, and for sharing so much of your WEAVING knowledge and experience! It helps many of us in ways you will never know.
Big hugs and good wishes
from Virginia

Benita said...

I have one of Sandra's tapestries, too, and the workmanship amazes me every time I pass it. We are lucky and blessed!