Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Friendship Coverlet

My work table hard at work again....

One third of the weft yarns for the coverlets...

Some of the weavers in my local guild decided to participate in a friendship coverlet and I was asked to take care of ordering in the yarns.  They arrived yesterday and since I have a yardage counter and electric ball winder, I decided to break the spools/cones down into the individual balls for each weaver participating.

The top picture shows my rather messy/cluttered studio with the gear set up.  The round metal circle in the middle of the photo is the wheel that turns and the numbers count up in a small box the wheel is attached to.  Doug built the stand for me and used the 'spare' tensioning device from the Whitin winder to help tension the yarn so that I don't have to stand there and provide tension (and get friction burns) as the yarn winds onto the ball winder.

The table has all the wool weft yarn on it as well as boxes of wound pirns for the shawl warps I've been weaving.  I'm still hoping to finish the coral warp tonight after dinner although I'm getting tired, so we'll see.  I can always finish that tomorrow.

I'm about one-third through winding the balls and will email everyone shortly and let them know that I plan on being at the guild room Sunday for a while and Tuesday at drop in.  I don't know if I'll attend the guild meeting next Wednesday as the 11th is my second scheduled chemo treatment - if they don't delay it - and I'm not sure how I'll be feeling that evening.

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