Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Next Shawl Warp

first shawl on pink/lavender warp

box o' pirns

Started weaving the pink/lavender warp this morning.  The weft is a greyish white alpaca which goes nicely on the 'greyed' colours of the warp.  Since the yarn is a greyish colour I'm going to try and use it all up on this warp and be done with it.

I usually stack the pirns neatly into the box but since I've run out of these small boxes and because the alpaca is easy to break off at the butt, decided to just leave them higgildy-piggildy in the box.

When I went to my appointment with the oncologist yesterday I expected to have to wheedle a bit to get permission to delay treatment #2.  Turns out it wasn't an issue because my immune system was too compromised to receive it.  My white cell count was only 1000 and the cut off is 1200.  When I asked if I could delay #3 until after Quebec, he pursed his lips and agreed.  But when I asked about the teaching dates in July/August he shook his head saying that I'd be well into my treatment by then and he did not recommend it.

And so I agreed that I would cancel those dates. 

I feel badly about doing so but OTOH, if I travel to New England and catch an infection while I'm there I still would not be able to fulfill my contract - plus I'd be sick in a foreign country.  :(

In all fairness to the organizers, it is much better that I notify them now so that they can re-schedule those people who had signed up for my seminars, locate another juror and take care of business before the conference begins rather than find themselves up the creek without a paddle because I wind up in hospital not able to teach anyway.

Much better to cancel now in hopes that there will be a next time.........

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Anonymous said...

We will be so sorry to not have you enlighten us with your wonderful techniques at NEWS this summer. However, of course we fully support you in making the best decision for your personal health and safety. We all wish you the best as you travel this difficult road, and hope that your unpleasant trials will be rewarded with many healthy, happy years filled with lots of wonderful weaving.


Barbara...a New England gal attending NEWS.

Rhonda from Baddeck said...

Sorry to hear about your low counts, but I'm glad you can delay one of the treatments until after Quebec. Good choice to cancel the later workshops - too risky. Take care of yourself.