Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cheat Sheet

Allergy season appears to have arrived in spades and I woke up this morning muzzy headed and not able to think clearly or remember much of anything for any length of time.  This, on top of a rather stressful day yesterday meant that winding the next warp to finish the samples (and weave a few towels 'cause I really like this design!) was going to tax my brain power big time.

Fortunately I already had my 'cheat sheet' posted on the wall so, with numerous references to it, I've managed to wind the first half of the warp.

The warp is being wound with 3 colours - a dark teal blue, a mid-tone blue green and a lighter blue green of the same colour.  There is little to distinguish between the light and dark green as threads - the difference does show up in the cloth, however, and I'm pleased with the results.

By hanging the warping board with the cross making pegs at shoulder height, I can post the cheat sheet at eye level for easy reference - something I'm doing frequently today.

The stripe design is symmetrical.  I've marked the centre of the stripe by circling that number.  The warp is being wound in two chains with 2.5 repeats in each chain so one chain ends on that centre point - hence the circle around that number so I know to stop and tie the first chain off at that point.  Then I start the next chain following that circled number.

I'm really hoping that the promised rain comes next week to knock the pollen out of the air.....

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