Sunday, May 20, 2012


Next towel - this time 1:3-3:1 twill blocks with 1:3 twill hems.  Notice that the selvedge is curling slightly in the hem area - this is totally and completely normal in a 1:3 twill and will get pressed flat during wet finishing.

I have been talking to other teachers about how to reach students without the stress and expense of travelling (teacher and students!) and, in particular, about teaching on-line classes via Weavolution.

Those teachers who have done classes via Weavolution seem to be happy with the experience although there are still some issues - not everyone has a reliable high speed connection.  People living in remote areas who cannot access classes easily are generally those people who are on a slow speed connection as well.

Personally I only just got a truly high speed connection last year myself, so I can sympathize!

Locally there will be a Spring Arts Festival on June 16 so I decided to be in the guild room for the day and will offer a free seminar (about 1 hour) Introduction to Weaving.  We'll see if anyone shows up or if I just spend the day fringe twisting!  I've also asked permission to have my yarns and fibres there for sale, so perhaps I'll at least make a few sales for my time.  :)  If nothing else, maybe make a good dent in the fringe twisting pile.  As soon as I get home from Alberta I need to finish weaving the last two samples for A Good Yarn: Cotton, then begin production of scarves for the rapidly approaching fall sales.  I've spent all that money on booth fees, I'd better have something for sale when it comes time for the sales in October and November!

Today I will finish putting the labels on the cones that were wound off for resale and pack the boxes.  Doug is off on Tuesday and will re-pack the van again making room for the additional yarns.  Hopefully I can also get a few more towels woven.

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