Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Schedule 2013

Here's a better picture of the 'face' of the cloth.  This is sample #8 for A Good Yarn:  cotton.  Warp and weft are 2/16 cotton.

My schedule for 2013 is shaping up.  2012 is pretty much full now.

January 21-27 John C. Campbell Folk School - 5 day Weaving Boot Camp (where people can come to refine their skills) and two day Magic in the Water part II on the Sat/Sun

January 29/30  Atlanta - topic TBA

Feb. 1-3 Nashville, TN Friday night guild program; Sat/Sun workshop topic TBA

April 6/7 -  Langley, BC - Magic in the Water part I

July 11-14 - NEWS - seminars - The Efficient Weaver and Magic in the Water

Beginning in September the retail sales begin - I have yet to decide which ones I will do.

I'm still looking for other guilds to book either before or after NEWS in order to help defray the travel expenses.

Currently reading City of Dragons by Robin Hobb


Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Of course it is a purely personal thing, but I think I prefer the "back"!

Laura Fry said...

Well, I'll decide after the wet finishing - that could change everything! :)