Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Little Bits

It's interesting how many weavers also enjoy making jig saw puzzles.  


I think it has something to do with the ways they are similar.  

They both involve a whole lot of process.  Being sensitive to detail, colour and texture.  Being willing to analyse, try to identify what needs to go where, even making mistakes and keeping on and on.  Until done. 

This puzzle isn't terribly difficult.  I wasn't looking for any particular challenge, just something to occupy my mind and keep it off the fact (as much as possible) that weaving is not happening right now.  And probably won't for some time.  

I don't know what sparked this most recent episode of physical 'fragility' but it is taking a very long time to clear up.  Emotionally it has been very difficult to not be weaving.  I joke that I'm addicted to weaving, but in its way it's not really a joke.   As a friend observed sitting at the loom is my happy place.   In many ways, it keeps me sane, or at least on an even emotional keel.  

Even though I'm anxious to get back to the loom, I think weaving was making things worse, so in order to get well more quickly, it appears I need to take a break.  Just wish I could at least sit to do hemming because that mountain won't get smaller on its own!


Nancy said...

Even with puzzles there's (from the casual observer's viewpoint)what appears to be a lot of waiting. From the viewpoint of the puzzle worker there's thinking, planning, searching, comparing and fitting going on. I find that in my life when I'm going through really tough stuff and nothing seems to be budging that I'm actually seeing what appears, and God, the great Puzzle Worker is doing all the moving and shaping, planning and fitting. Not sure if this helps, but I feel your frustration. Keep working those puzzles!

Peg Cherre said...

How about inkle weaving? Or card weaving? Or your really beautiful lace making? Knitting?

Keep smiling!

Peg Cherre said...

Wait! You can't sit?! Are you standing to do that puzzle? You can't be lying down, can you?! Oh, my goodness - what are your restrictions?

Laura Fry said...

The only way I can sit is bent forward, taking the pressure off my tailbone. Makes doing anything much difficult. But I can sit thus way at the table to make puzzles. And stand. Then sit. Then stand. Need to change position often. Slightly better today, so hoping things are finally getting better.

Brenda said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery, or at least a lessening of symptoms. My husband has lived with chronic pain for most of our 33 years together, so although I can't relate directly to your situation, I'm very familiar with the scenario.

I did giggle when I saw your jigsaw puzzle. Didn't we just have a conversation about those things a few months ago? And one of my recent house guests brought me three enormous puzzles. Guess that's why I like pagination as well - one big multi-page puzzle, putting the newspaper together.

Shall I come north for a visit and do some hemming? That would be grand.

Laura Fry said...

I am beginning to get anxious about how long this is taking to clear up and how little I can actually do. :(

August was supposed to be about getting inventory ready for the fall shows and right now nothing is getting accomplished. :(