Friday, August 8, 2014

Simple Pleasures

I can't begin to tell you how difficult the last 10 days has been.  I'm no stranger to chronic pain, but the pain I was having was particularly cruel in that I could not sit or lay down without sharp pain.  That meant I could not sleep properly - which meant Doug couldn't, either - nor could I do anything that required sitting - like tackle the hemming pile.

I had the last statin tablet on Monday night and it has taken until today before I could sit with a modicum of comfort - and I use the term loosely.  I still have inflammation in my right leg which makes walking difficult.  I've been able to weave, partly because sitting perched on my tall stool, sitting high on the sitz bones, was relatively pain free.  And because I have air assist on the treadle.

The bad news is that the new pills my GP prescribed also have 'muscle pain' as an adverse effect.  So does the alternate drug I had been considering taking.  With so much inflammation in my leg tonight, I did not take the first dose of the new drug - rather I'm going to wait a couple more days.

The beginning of improvement gives me hope this will all settle down now.

By improvement, I mean I can actually sit without too much discomfort.  I could eat my dinner.  I could take a cup of tea.  I could even tackle the hemming pile, although Doug brought the blue towels home today after pressing them, so the hemming mountain just grew another range!

I have been managing to weave every day and today passed the half way mark on this warp - I think.  I have sort of lost track.  But ultimately it doesn't matter how much is done, how much is left to do.  The cloth is looking good, the loom is currently behaving.  I can still weave.

It has taken me a few days to begin to enjoy some simple pleasures again.  I just hope we can sort out the drugs to control my cholesterol without making the rest of my life...uncomfortable...

Reading - just finished A View from a Broad by Bette Midler and started Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Hope your pain levels decrease and the new med comes with so few side effects that you don't even notice them. I too am a chronic pain patient and can hear you loud and clear about the "wearingness" of it day after day.

Rhonda from Baddeck said...

Oh, my, I had no idea the side effects could be that bad. Having your cholesterol 'under control' isn't as important as doctors used to think - and certainly not worth making you so miserable. Science has recently confirmed that it's sugar/insulin which makes cholesterol rise (and inflammation); fat is not the villain. I know you already eat a healthy diet - I hope you can find a way to make the numbers improve without sacrificing your comfort. There's also scientific data on 1200 mg Red Yeast Rice - really, keep that in your back pocket as an alternative.

Laura Fry said...

Since one of the things in red yeast rice is a statin, I don't think I will try it. :(. It has now been two weeks of pain and although it is getting better, it's a very slow recovery.


Michelle said...

Hi Laura, I am sorry to learn that statins are not drugs of choice for you. My sister had a similar reaction and switched to niacin (mentioned in an earlier comment).

My cholesterol is controlled (more or less) with 70% or better, dark chocolate, preferably with almonds. No more than 1 oz daily. (Otherwise too much fat, I think.)

It took three years to make a dent in my total cholesterol, but it did raise my HDL level quickly and significantly so that the HDL/LDL ratio is much better than average.

Even if you don’t take this suggestion seriously, I hope you get a laugh our of it.

Regards. Michelle

Laura Fry said...

Now there's a RX we'd all love to receive! ;)