Sunday, October 11, 2015

Cold Snap

Not being someone who can usually just sit with no handwork to do, I brought several balls of hand spun yarn and a pair of needles with me and last night finished off another donation for the Cold Snap Music Festival.  

Even here the trees are beginning to change colour and it is getting chilly at night.  Winter is coming, and that means people will need some nice warm wooly things to help them keep warm.  

On the Big Project front I have managed a few pages of text.  There won't be much time when I get home, but at least a start has been made.  From now on, it will be hit the ground running until the last of the shows is over. 

This interlude has been just the thing I needed.  Just the right mix of 'work', down time and lots of laughter with fibre folk.  

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BarbCarol said...

I am like you...must have handwork to do. And, the cooler weather gets my knitting needles vibrating. Though, today I will be binding a Quilt of Valor. On my weaving front...after moving here 18 months ago, I have my loom back together and ready to work. Looking forward to starting with a bathroom rug.