Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Time Out

I've been away from home and studio for a week, now, and I'm missing the loom.  Fibre work this week has been knitting.  I am finally using up the last of the yarn I spun a few years ago by making scarves and cowls for the Cold Snap Music Festival which takes place sometime in January.  I forget the dates, off hand, but a search will no doubt turn up details.  

Mary has been spinning and today I asked if I could use her computer and start generating text for the next Big Project.  I managed to write a one page Forword and a one page Introduction.  These two pages are helping me focus on what I want to accomplish with this suspected massive missive and may wind up getting cut entirely, or heavily modified.   But I needed to set my thoughts out in some sort of tangible way to see my way clear to what I want to accomplish.  

Now I am letting those thoughts settle into my conscious and sub-conscious while I consider format and content.

Tomorrow we are planning a quiet day and I may start going through some of my files.  I only have hard copies here and the information will need editing so I might be able to work on those pages and get them shaped into something I like before I leave.  I'm sure that once I really get going things will tend to fall into place, but...

Tonight I will carry on with the latest scarf, two rows of one yarn, two rows of the other.   I think it is looking pretty good, and will hopefully keep a starving musician warm during the festival in January.

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