Saturday, October 31, 2015

Day Two

overall look at the booth

close up of painted rayon warp scarf

close up of bamboo warp, Tencel weft shawl

close up of bamboo warp, rayon weft shawl

Since today was Hallowe'en, I figured it would be pretty slow after around 4 pm.  And so it was.  So I took some photos.  

I rarely remember to get 'beauty' shots of my textiles.  Mostly my blogging is just sharing what I'm doing with people.  But I also need photos for media and promotion.  I think the last one shows the iridescence of the plum shawl rather well.


steelwool said...

The bamboo/tencel scarf confused me. The dark bands were a taller one followed by a shorter wider one. I think I got the idea that this would be part of one pattern repeat. From the photo, it appears as if the pattern disappears, or was this just a trick of the light because of the reflective properties of the material. it just shimmered. Loved it. The whole booth looked lovely. Lots of light.

Laura Fry said...

The threading is a point progression alongside of an advancing progression to make the two different sections of design. :) The AVL has 16 shafts so I can do fairly complex patterning if I want. Or fairly simple. Or areas of more complex with areas of 'simple'.


Teresa Ruch Designs said...

booth looks very good. Nice shot. a keeper for sure.


DeltaDawn said...

What a glrious booth with SO MUCH fabulous inventory! Wish I could be there in person.