Monday, November 2, 2015

End of the Line

See that rats nest of yarn in the foreground?   I reached the end of my patience fighting with the rayon chenille yarn at the selvedge and as soon as I finished one scarf, cut the rest of the warp off.  Life is too short to be fighting with yarn.  It's not a great loss...less than six ounces of yarn. 

My problem is that I think the next warp is going to be equally challenging.  The black I used at the selvedge was stiff and felt pretty nasty.  It may suffer the same fate.

Snip, snip!


3looms said...

I'm so glad to read that I you do this too! I recently abandoned a very sticky warp after about 6 inches of clearing the shed before each pick, net time I won't feel so bad!


Sandra Rude said...

I'm in loud agreement - life is too short and too precious to waste time on something that's not cooperating. BTW, the rayon scarf in the previous post is absolutely yummy.

Arctic-mermaid said...

IS there a type of chenille that is easier to weave with?
I am in agreement too. Do not waste time on fighting with the creative process.


Laura Fry said...

Just like any other yarn, some rayon chenille yarns are easier to work with than others. Since my chenille stash was purchased (and acquired from other weavers) the tubes and cones are not all from the same supplier and some are much friendlier than others. At least the nasty black is all gone (along with a bunch of yarn that was just fine - I wasn't willing to nurse the nasty black, not knowing if it was going to be nicer after wet finishing - decided to cut my losses, literally).


Peg Cherre said...

I've learned this from you, Laura. Just one of many things you've taught me. It is definitely not worth it to fight with yarn. I can always replenish my stash of yarn, but not so my time.