Thursday, November 5, 2015


The studio has reached a level of controlled chaos that is getting a little uncomfortable.   On my work table are yarns pulled for more rayon chenille warps which will not get done in time for this year, but which will get wound, ready for me to work on next month for next years sales.  When I emptied the box and bin of yarn, I vowed to keep all the chenille on the shelf and in order to do that I'm going to have to use up more of it.  

In addition, the workshop in Grand Forks is going ahead, which means I have to get the drafts and yarns into the mail tomorrow at the latest.   Fortunately it only needs a few tweaks per request.  Mostly it is just take care of the details...about a two hour job, maybe three.

The AVL has sat, neglected since September.  There is a 40 yard shawl warp on it, also destined for next years inventory.   I had high hopes of getting a few shawls woven, but didn't.  It still needs to be threaded, sleyed and tied up, which may, or probably not, get done before we leave. 

 Friend is going to house sit in order to play in the studio.  I have just let her know it will be available longer than expected.  We will have just two days to turn around after the Calgary craft fair and leave for the workshop.  

When you are self employed, it is really hard to turn down work because you never know when more will be offered.  I'm so grateful Doug is willing to do the drive because that will give me some time to reset my brain from selling to teaching.   I always enjoy the being there.   It is so often the getting there that isn't much fun.  Especially in the winter, going into the mountains.  All the more reason to get The Book written!

Currently reading Badlands by C J Box


Julia said...

Chaos is the craftist's nemesis! I'm constantly sorting my chaos called day I'd like to think I'm on top of it all, but I think that's really all in my imagination lol! Have a wonderful time away..and I look forward to seeing/reading THE BOOK on day *smiles*

steelwool said...

Query about the book in the foreground. What sort of information do you store about your projects and do you add to it as time goes on. Is it about what sells where and when or more of how you felt the weaving went once you tweaked a pattern. Or do you just keep a journal of ideas and inspiration.

Laura Fry said...

The book is the samples for a particular workshop. Mugs Rugs and More. I wanted to have samples demonstrating different techniques for the students, which are filed with the drafts.