Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day Two

This morning I changed the 'corners' of the booth.  Yesterday I was in a 'blue' mood but upon reflection felt that made the display a little dark.  So the front corner got made over with a dark magenta shawl and somewhat softer pink scarf. 

The shawl at the left got changed from the dark teal to a brighter blue.  

As sales happened yesterday the scarves got changed out.  Some of the mat colours sold out so that set of shelves got switched around, too.

Today it was a fairly typical Vancouver November day...rain.  It was much quieter than yesterday but sales have been ok for a weekday.  Traffic may pick up when offices close.  several of my shawls have sold.  People may be thinking before they buy, but they have been spending.  While one always hopes for more, it's not over until it's over.  


Nancy said...

Thanks for providing pictures of your display. It is interesting to compare the days pictures to see how the color choices and placements morph the look of your sales floor. Glad to hear that sales have been good thus far. Do you find that the changing up of the color features enhance sales? I wonder if greater sales would be as a result of the color, or of the hint that product may be moving, and "you need to get yours today!" kind of thinking on the part of your customer.

Laura Fry said...

I think it has a lot to do with the colour. Something bright will snag the attention, drawing people in for a closer look. There is so much to see at a show like this, if you don't grab their attention in the few seconds it takes to walk by, they may not even realize there is something of interest. Reds, or the red family, like the magenta, seem to be the most effective. Having good lighting is imperative.


Sandra Rude said...

The booth looks great! I always find that light, bright colors are best at focal points like corners. Hope the sales pick up on the weekend.