Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Comfortable Rut

The past few weeks, weaving has been more therapy than anything else.  At one point I told Doug that I was going to the loom because at least there I had some control over what was happening.  

Being the holidays, it was a case of hurry up and wait...something I am very bad at doing.  

I hasten to assure you, dear reader, that what needs to be is being done and things are calming down at casa Laura, including Laura.

But what the stress did was cause me to lose concentration and efforts at writing fell through the cracks.  I'm far behind my anticipated word/page count for January, but I made such good progress in December, I'm still hoping I can get back on track tomorrow so I can go over the bulk of the text in 
March with my personal editor/weaver/assistant. 

The thing that has kept me sane was the comfortable rut of these never ending, seemingly, towels.  And yet, progress happened there, too, in spite of everything, as another huge cone of the cotton/slub linen weft got used up.  

Just a few more appointments and hopefully things will return to what passes for normal in my warp and weft world.  


Sandra Rude said...

Love these towels! If that's a rut, it's a nice one to be in. Comfort weaving, as it were.

Peg Cherre said...

I love the way the slub yarn works across the warp of those towels. And while earth tones are not generally my favs, these are really beautiful.