Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I really love delving into books, especially ones as eye appealing as this one.  

It only arrived a couple of days ago and therefore I've not read it thoroughly but so far I'm liking what I see.  

What I have read is clearly stated with good illustrations.   While the book is geared toward the rigid heddle loom, basic principles are given which will transfer seamlessly to a treadle loom, should the reader decide to expand in that direction.  If not, there are plenty of suggestions for making the most of a rigid heddle loom.  

The photos are clear and plentiful and overall, it is an attractive presentation. 

Others who have had the book longer than I have are pleased with the information on using more than one heddle, which makes the loom more versatile for those who want to explore weave structure, but there are plenty of ideas for a more organic approach for those more interested in colour and texture.  

For those just entering the wonderful world of weaving using a rigid heddle loom, I think this one is a very good investment.

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Ellyn said...

I bought this book a few months ago to help me with my decision as to which rigid heddle loom to buy. It was a great help! Some of it is way over my head as a new weaver but I'll get there!