Wednesday, January 13, 2016


It has taken a large number of warps but I am almost finished the cotton slub/linen yarn.  I have just finished filling the humidor with bobbins for the next warp and once that is done, one more warp will finish this cone plus the bits of some tubes of the same yarn.  If there is any warp left after that, I have some nice cotton slub that will go well on whatever is left of the warp...if there is any.

I had estimated that the yarn would produce about 90 towels.  It seems to have been even more than that.   Closer to 120!   No wonder I ran low on yarn for warps...

Needless to say, between weaving more warps than expected and Life Happening, I'm running 'behind' where I had hoped to be before my company arrives on Saturday night.  But since she is a weaver I don't think she will mind if I spend some time at the loom.  Heck, she might get to weave a tea towel or three herself!  

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