Tuesday, September 6, 2016

More to Learn

Warp for the workshop with Bonnie Inouye

One of the attractions of weaving is that you can never learn everything in one lifetime.  

For quite a few years I simply haven't had the brain power to think much beyond my creative borders, and since that continual learning aspect was a big draw for me, I felt as though I was stuck in the same old, same old. 

But, just like the universe worked hard to get me to a loom in the first place, another opportunity arrived when the time was right.

Turns out my hostess in TN was interested in taking a workshop with Bonnie Inouye that was taking place during my visit with her.  As soon as I found out, I asked if I could borrow a loom and take it, too. Turns out I could, so I am.  

The topic isn't entirely new to me, but it has been years since I have looked at it, plus Bonnie has been pushing the boundaries of the topic for a long time so it will be a good review and launch back into what I hope will be a more intellectual exploration of cloth construction.  Not to mention I will undoubtedly learn a whole lot more about using Fiberworks beyond the basics I am comfortable using.  

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