Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Inside AND Out

After two plus years of trying to get work done on the exterior of the house suddenly it is happening.  Not one, not two, but three different sub-trades showed up this morning.

It is doubtful that everything will get done before winter brings a halt to working outdoors, but we should be first in line in the spring to get the rest done.  What that means, however. Is that we will be living in a construction zone until the weather co-operates, sometime in March or April, until it all gets done.

It seems I have been trying for ten years to get my stash under control, excavate Clutter Mountain, feel better organized in a space that has too little room for that to happen.  Now the chaos has been ratcheted it up even further.  Hopefully by the end of next year we will be able to set the house to rights.  Of course I also have an extremely heavy schedule next year with weaving for sale, teaching (especially if all the Olds classes I've set time aside for, go) and finishing The Book.  

Wish me luck!


sally said...

Sympathies, but it has begun and hurrah for that. It hasn't been as long, but we've been waiting for a building permit for five months, and now that that's finally achieved, it will be another two weeks or so before we can start. And the chaos involved in clearing a two-car garage (attached to a house we've livein for seventeen years) for the construction is mind-boggling. Since I don't' make my living as a weaver, my looms are currently in storage. Excelsior - at least we have a permit.

Stephanie S said...

Good luck to all!

Katie Blight said...

I say if you're gonna do it do it all at once at get it over with!

Laura Fry said...

Go big or go home? Oh wait! This IS home!!!