Monday, October 10, 2016

What A Mess I'm In

Before I left we cleared as much as we could from under the windows and left the studio heaped with clutter.  Now that I'm home, I have to clear everything out of my way so I can work.  While almost everything needed got woven, I'm low on white place mats, so I need to get a couple of warps woven, wet finished, hemmed, final pressing done, then tag/price them.  

The van needs new winter tires installed before it gets loaded because we have three shows, back to back, and a 460 mile or so trip to Vancouner and then back again, in November.  

I also have a workshop the end of November to teach.  And 2017 isn't looking any less stressful.  I may build a blanket fort in December and retreat to it with Fiberworks...until, oh, I don't know, July?  Maybe the work on the house will be done by then?


Peg Cherre said...

What are the two round things wooden things with ribs around them? Can't figure that one out.

Yes, we've all had similar messes, and it all looks so crazy-making and overwhelming, and somehow it all gets sorted out and the work done. Breathe. Take a hot bath. Sip your tea, and take it one small movement at a time.

Laura Fry said...

That's a squirrel cage swift. Which I adore. :)