Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Nothing Ventured

So here is the initial sample I wove yesterday and wet finished.  I gained valuable information from weaving and wet finishing it.  For example, initially I liked the top most bit the best, but after wet finishing it had not softened and felt very plain weave 'stiff' while the lower plain weave bit woven with the hand spun had a much more appealing feel.  So I will be going with that.

I also discovered an issue with the selvedge that required tweaking for the twill scarves.

This is why I sample.  Rather than have the whole project 'fail', I use up a bit of the 'precious' hand spun to make sure I am going in the direction I want to wind up.

The popular cliche is Nothing ventured, Nothing gained.  So I ventured forth, explored some possibilities and now have enough information that I am fairly confident I will wind up with a scarf that I will find appealing to wear next to the skin.

On another note, I received official notification today that there were insufficient registrations for the two Olds classes to run in Prince George.  I hope that anyone interested will look at Fibre Week in Olds in June.  

But again, Nothing Ventured, Nothing gained.  By offering the classes here, more people have discovered the program and will hopefully make plans in the future to participate in the program,

For me, it's back to the studio.  I have other appointments today and, since I want to weave the scarf all in one sitting, I will wind the other two warps and call it a day.  

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Meg Weaves said...

Laura, looking up from where I am, I am on the one hand still in awe that even you sample, as I think you'd know everything there is to know, except for the characteristics of the new fibers and mixes. On the other hand, why the heck not as sampling is the most enjoyable part, of discovery, of the "new", and not having to weave the same old for miles and miles; do you concur??

Laura Fry said...

Every time you change something, the results can change. And I like to know that before I commit to a project, large or small.

Yes, I know quite a lot. I know just enough to be 'dangerous' if I assume I know it 'all'!

This project is being woven with hand spun yarn, yarn that I am not entirely familiar with. I have done some preliminary sampling, but now I am down to the nitty gritty and making an actual textile. Since I had tweaked my parameters based on the preliminary sampling, I needed to see if that tweaking was going in the right direction.

Leola's Studio said...

I've been preparing for a teaching gig on weaving with Handspun both warp and weft. I've done it in the past without really worried about the why's or wheres. So thought a gamp would be fun with different twill threadings and different spins, z/s ply, s/z ply, chain etc
So lots of goings on
SO MUCH FUN!!!! And I have learned so much. Haven't really sampled much since Banff days and have to say I am having a blast!
Copious notes too