Saturday, April 22, 2017


I wish I had it - patience.  It's a lesson the universe has been trying to instill into me for a very long time.  Nearly 67 years, I would venture to guess.  

This warp is for the conference here in 2019.  I am weaving towel 'blanks' in the conference colours which will be cut into panels of three blanks each and used to advertise the conference and decorate the hall.  The panels will then be cut apart and sold for souveniers.

But.  But, this warp was scheduled to be off the loom before Christmas and yet, here it is, nearly May, and I'm only at about the half way mark.  

Usually a 100 yard warp wouldn't take all that long to weave off in the normal course of things.  But the past six months or so have been anything but normal.  

Mom started feeling vaguely unwell last August, with non-specific symptoms which got worse over the fall, just about the time the renovations began.  I had had a hectic schedule with teaching in Cape Breton the last week of August (and massively breaking a tooth the night before a 6 am flight - thank goodness Sydney is a small town and a dentist there was able to squeeze me in and repair it).  Then off to the US for a few weeks to visit with friends, coming home to the chaos of construction, the run up into the show season.  Thankfully we had cut our schedule down and only had three shows to do, back to back, not four.

So I picked away at the loom while weaving other things on the smaller loom.  And then mom went into hospice and all the minutia of summing up a life needed to be dealt with and frankly?  I didn't have the mental acuity or the energy to deal with it.  And so - it sat.

But spring is springing and my energy is returning and now I really really want this warp off.  So today I fired up the computer that runs the AVL and managed to weave one 'towel'.  The loom is a bit cranky after being ignored for so long and it will take some time to get it adjusted so that it is happy.  But in the meantime, one more yard is woven.  And it won't take all that long to finish the rest of the warp once I'm back into the swing of it.

Currently reading The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson

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Doreen MacL said...

I saw some of your banners/towels at Fibres West. They are lovely, what a great idea!