Saturday, August 5, 2017


I remember the first time someone on the internet called me an 'expert'.

I cringed.


Because even knowing how much I knew, I knew there was so much more to learn.

So what makes an 'expert', and who gets to call themselves that?

Well, first of all, I think that the term 'expert' is not a mantle one dons for oneself.  Rather it is something that other people recognize and acknowledge about the knowledgeable person.

To me an 'expert' is someone who knows something in depth because they have studied it.  In terms of a craft, it also means that they have some sort of control of their equipment, processes and materials.

But just because you are an 'expert' doesn't automatically make you a good teacher.

Someone can be all kinds of expert in something and not be able to communicate how or why they do what they do.

An 'expert' usually has developed resources.  In my case I have dug around finding books written for the textile industry.  No, I have not read them all.  But I have read portions of the three books to the right in the photo above that pertain to what I am trying to learn.

Eventually I became my own 'expert' in terms of the type of textile I wish to make.

Abby Franquemont has begun doing live video chats via her Facebook page.  I agree with her on her take about expertise.  I look forward to viewing more of her video chats.  I just wish there was a way for people to meet in real life and have these conversations.  

Maybe one days 'they' will get that matter transmitter perfected...

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Lis said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting this, Laura!