Friday, May 24, 2019


Two and a half weeks.

2.5 weeks.

17 days.

And counting.

This morning Birthe and I sat down for a long conversation with a reporter from the local newspaper. 

We talked about how human beings have been working with fibre for going on 38,000 years.  That we know about.  (The Golden Thread by Kassia St. Clair)  We talked about the string skirts of the goddess figurines.  We talked about how for generations upon generations, everyone knew how labour intensive making yarn and cloth was and how it became the perfect metaphor for Life.  So much so that it is a recurring theme in 'fairy' tales.

We talked about the relevance of textiles in the 21st century.  How there has been increasing interest and growth in knitting, spinning, felting and weaving.  And how we have tried to offer all of these in some fashion at the conference.

We talked about the talent here in Prince George, British Columbia generally and western Canada.

We talked about so much more - and could have talked for days.  I mean, me, literally, could have talked for days! 

Then I came home and delved back into the data crunching for the conference.  And once again saw the similarity of crafting a conference and crafting a textile.

You begin with the overall idea, start to look at the whole thing, then at how you need to break it down into smaller and smaller bits so that you can sort out the details.  And then, once you have those individual details, how to weave/stitch/knit them together to create the large project/event you wanted to bring into being.

If the interview is available on line, I will post a link.  Very curious to read what his take on our conversation this morning was!

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