Saturday, May 11, 2019

Snail Mail

I used to love getting letters from friends.  For many years I had a pen friend in Sweden, and eventually went over there to meet her.  Several times, in fact.  We stayed in touch until we were in our 30s and then life got busy and we stopped writing.

But I always look forward to getting mail - especially the 'not bill' kind.

I've had a bit of a rough time for the past year or so.  Rougher than usual, that is.  My friends have stayed in touch via email or FB message, which I love and look forward to. 

But one of those friends went into hospice about 4 weeks ago, and she is too ill to stay in contact and it has become a waiting game to hear how she is doing.  I hate to bother her husband for updates, but I'm left wondering.  She is in England, so not really feasible to go to her, and totally impractical considering the conference is happening in (yikes!) just over four weeks. 

This past week brought two unexpected envelopes.  One is a lovely letter from someone who just wrote out of the blue to say she had given one of my tea towels to a friend and kept one for herself and how much she enjoyed using hers.

The other is a close friend who I email with nightly (as I used to do with my friend in England) with a 'just because' card of a little kitty.

Our friends lift us up when we slump.  Sometimes they may know we need  a lift, sometimes it's just serendipity. 

Either way, it's much appreciated.

Sometimes a little bit of snail mail can be just the thing needed.  Or even an email or FB message.

The thing that joins us as human beings is that we struggle.  We may be in actual physical pain, or battling emotional 'demons'.  We may look like we are fine but none of us knows what another person is going through.  Just know that everyone has struggles.

If I have any goal in this life at all, it is to help others.  If I can answer weaving questions, I will.  If I can give/send a hug, I will.  If I can be an example (for good OR bad), I will offer myself up as a training opportunity (although yesterday there was one too many of those, given how much stress I'm dealing with!) 

Over the years I have learned that I will never feel better for putting someone else down.  Instead I will always feel better - about myself, about the world in general - if I can help someone else.

Time to share this again:

And a big thank you to friends who light my candle when necessary.


Loan Nguyen said...

Hi Laura,
I fell out of the weaving hole and any artistic endeavor for a few years but remember fondly the time I was taking your class in Prince George. I’m glad to see your studio, Doug, puff and and your cloths full pressed, shinny, stunningly beautiful, and stacked to the ceiling. I see the awe in everyone’s eyes at you as a local celebrity. You were in your element as a teacher and weaver. I’m sorry you have been well these past few years. You are still my hero who showed me weaving is a joy and creative expression. I have your latest books, videos, course materials (but being bad student have not turned in my homework) for inspiration and resource. Wishing you to get well, feel better, and do take care of your spirit for changes ahead.


Laura Fry said...

Thanks Loan. Life Happens and sometimes it interferes with what we would like to do. I'm hoping that once the conference is over, and the other commitments through the last half of the year that I will have time to dig deeper into the craft. Who knows, I might feel the urge to write again. For now I'm venting via the blog. I remember you here in PG and think of you and the others. Thanks for letting me know you check in from time to time. :)