Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Wrapping Things Up

Over the past little while I have been slowly but steadily working my way through mat warps.  When we looked at inventory a few weeks ago and realized how few mats there were, it seemed prudent to get some more made.  Today I finished threading the warp I beamed and started threading yesterday until it was time to head off for a doctor appointment, then sleyed and tied on before stopping for lunch.  I have just two more mat warps planned but I won't likely get them both done before I leave Saturday morning.

Tomorrow is Thursday and I need to work on my packing again.  The weather there is supposed to be uniformly hot, much hotter than I'm really comfortable with, being a 'northern girl'.  OTOH, they probably have a/c so I should pack a light sweater.

Before I left I wanted to finish writing up the conference wrap up report and get it to the board.  We aren't quite done as the treasurer needs to finalize the books and get them audited, but the rest of the committee is already on to the next projects.  I've sent the draft to the committee asking them to correct any errors.  Hopefully they will get back to me so I can email the report to the board on Friday.

I had hoped to get a bunch of my knitted shawls wet finished in time for the fall fair but the floor remains cluttered with loom bits and there is no time for me to get the shawls wet finished and tagged ready before I leave.  So the guild will get them for the craft fair in November.  So much for getting rid of that mountain.  Well, soon enough.

The Megado should arrive in a few weeks.  I haven't received notice that it has arrived in Canada yet but it could be in the country soon.  Then it will have to travel across country here.  It might arrive while I'm away, or not until I get back.  Either way, it will come when it comes.

Doug was helping a friend today, which wound up taking longer than expected.  Maybe he can get back to my mess tomorrow.

I am just so fed up with the disruption, chaos and clutter.  On the other hand, progress has been made.  Not as much as I'd hoped, but still...

What I have managed to do is spend time every day (nearly) working on another writing project.  I have no idea if it will ever see light of day, but it just seems to be writing itself, so I'm letting it pour out.  It's quite amazing how much typing can be done when you just let it flow.  Of course it might disappear in editing - or get buried as being of insufficient interest to bother paying an editor and setting the file up to be published.

I still haven't seen the review of The Intentional Weaver in Handwoven, although I've seen some sales come through on blurb, so it must be an ok review.  Someone let me know today that she couldn't place an order and wanted to buy directly from me.  Thing is, I no longer have copies.  The only way to purchase it is through the website.  You can choose between hard copy or PDF and also get Magic in the Water while you're at it.  ;)  I suggest if anyone is having issues with the blurb website that they contact blurb to let their support team know.

Right now I'm in 'elephant eating' mode.  One bite, one deadline at a time...and hopefully I can get my last few commitments wrapped up.  By the time I get home from my trip it will be more than half way through August.

So much to do, so little desire to do so much of it.  Hopefully a new loom will provide a much needed boost of energy.  The plan - subject to change - is to finish the run of place mats, hopefully have the Megado ready to go as soon as it arrives and put a test warp on it.  I'm hoping the learning curve isn't too long or too steep.  I've got shawls that need to be made for the upcoming craft fairs...(chomp, chomp, chomp...)

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Nancy said...

You just keep nibbling away, Laura! I too am an introvert, and one that can get fatigued when there's too many bits and pieces of projects all demanding attention. But oh! what a surge of mental energy happens when things get completed!