Saturday, September 7, 2019

Quiet Time

I’m in Tennessee having a few days of quiet before we head to John C Campbell folk school.

This trip went smoothly, although I’m tired of the six am flights, with another to get home.   I realize that really, I’m just tired.  Too many health issues.  Too much stress.  Too much chaos.   Even though I fought the decision to officially shut the business aspect of the studio down, it has become increasingly obvious that it is the right thing to do.

While it was a difficult decision, it was the correct one.

The class at the folk school is small with just five.  Pam had scheduled me for 2020, but given the low numbers of this class and my lack of desire to fly such long distances we agreed to cancel it.  I will miss connecting with the people I have come to know here, but can stay in touch through the internet.  

I still have no idea what the future holds.  With the studio business closed, there will be ramifications in terms of our income, but there will be fewer expenses, too.   Hopefully all will be manageable and we can continue our modest lifestyle. 

Change can be very stressful and this one is huge.  Earth shaking in many ways.  As usual I had plans for the next four months but quiet reflection reveals that many of those plans will fall by the wayside.  

My inventory for the three craft fairs is low, but should be adequate.  I don’t want a lot left over anyway.  There is an outlet in town I can sell on consignment and I could sell on line if I decide to spend the time to research and deal with the administrivia involved.   I may write more, for magazines or short run self published monographs.  There are options to pursue.  

Health issues will continue but hopefully can be managed.  

While I’m away Doug continues to get the Megado put together.  As soon as I get home I can figure out how to operate it.  I’m still unsure about the computer assist and if the desktop I used for the AVL will connect or if I will need to use the laptop.  But I have options. 

Doug will also keep working on the studio reorganization and I will be able to move yarn around to where I think I want/need it.  Since the goal is major stash reduction, as things get used up, how things are arranged may change.  The goal is to have everything out of the annex by the end if the year so that I don’t have that monthly bill, but given the possibility of surgery on my foot that may get extended to the end of January.  

Mostly I am getting comfortable with the concept of a lack of rolling deadlines.  That will be the biggest change of all.  Hopefully the reduction in the stress of the constant scramble to pay the bills will leave more time and energy to figure out a new path.  Because I’m the kind of person who needs A Plan.  I just have to figure out what that plan will look like. 


svjanis said...

I was incredibly disappointed I couldn’t sign up for next week’s class. Now even more so that 2020 won’t happen. Best wishes to create A Plan.

Laura Fry said...

Oh, too bad. It would have been nice to meet you.