Saturday, April 4, 2020


When the world seems dark and depressing, look for those who bring light.

During this time of staying safe at home, flattening the curve, protecting the more vulnerable amongst us, it is easy to lose hope.  This is normal.  It is natural to feel upset, even angry, at what seems to be the world gone mad.

One way I deal with this is to a) stay at home.  b) try to do something productive each day (yes, getting dressed counts!)  c) look for those who help others

Cindy Blackstock started the hashtag #covidkindness on Twitter while Beau of the Fifth Column started the #Rule303 hashtag.  Some of my Facebook friends are great at finding uplifting stories of people helping others and I read those to help restore my faith in humanity when so many - who *ought* to be helping - seem to be actively hurting people.

On Facebook some people are posting things like - what are you looking forward to doing when things are normal?

My question is, how are we going to make 'normal' better for those people who were struggling before the pandemic hit?

Even politicians who are well right of right are - in Canada at least - showing some sense.  Will that last beyond the current situation?  Sadly, I think not.  Others who are well right of right just seem to be taking advantage of the situation to further their ultra right agenda.

Some people are asking what great work you are going to do during the pandemic.  My response is to point out that our first order of priority is to survive.  We'll address great works once we have.

For those people struggling with feeling isolated, reach out.  We have the internet. If someone has the internet, they have the ability to email, message, post that they need a virtual hug - and I will be happy to send them my love - from a distance.

Some people are finding that helping others really helps them the most.  For those people sewing masks for people?  Lovely.  For the restaurants providing free food for essential workers?  Gold star.  For the people checking in with folk who are immune compromised, getting them food or prescriptions?  I see you.

The pandemic is here.  It will kill.  It already has - far too many people.  It will kill more.  Our job right now, every one of us, is to try to stop the spread of the virus.

Stay safe at home if you possibly can.  If you can't (and I see you America with your health care tied to employment), stay a safe distance from others, cough into your sleeve, when you get home wash your hands.

Things are going to be difficult but the main job for everyone is to survive.  I want to see you the other side of this.

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