Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Loofah Towels

One of my objectives is to use up some of my generous stash. For much of this year I’ve been weaving tea towels and hand towels, using up some of my 20/2 mercerized cotton for warp, and fine linen, cottolin and other cotton novelties as weft. I also have a great deal of a silk yarn that is fairly “hard” and textured.

A good many years ago I made some towels with 20/2 mercerized cotton and a similar silk novelty and they made great sauna towels, so I dug through my boxes of yarn and found some of the silk that had been dyed in colours that complimented my warp and did some more.

The end result is a towel with a nice hand and a texture similar to a loofah.

While these towels were woven using 16 shafts, the idea can easily be translated to 4.

After weaving the towels were wet finished in hot water wash, cold rinse and given a hard press.


Kimberly said...

What a great idea! I love the color too. You've been talking about "weaving up your stash" for a few months now - just how big is your stash? My curiosity prompted me to post photos on my blog of all of my yarn.

Laura said...

heh - I suffer from SABLE -
Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy!!!!

For several years I've had yarn stored in my studio, my "annex" (where the steam press lives), my mom's basement, and my brother's house. My stash weighed in at well over 2000 pounds at one point - which is pretty much when I quit counting...