Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shawls, shawls, shawls...

Just before leaving on my trip I wound another warp of 2/20 merc. cotton, this time for shawls. I was getting tired of doing mostly blue, so rummaged in my stash and pulled out all the magenta, and some bright greens and wound the yarn onto spools.

Beginning at the outside edges, I wound 30 yards - enough to do about 9 shawls. As the magentas and greens ran out, the blue 2/20 cotton was tied in so that the pink/magenta stripes on the outside gradually became more blue/green. The middle section is a combination of blues and greens of about the same value.

The shawls woven on the previous warp using 2/10 or 2/8 Tencel, and the Bambu 12 turned out really nice, so I'll be using those yarns for weft on this warp, too.

The 2/10 hand painted yarn is nearly used up (hooray!). I just wish the Bambu 12 had more of the really intense darks that are available in the heavier weight, but oh well. I've got lots of 2/8 Tencel to use up, too.

The threading will be twill blocks as last time, but a different progression. The weave structure will be twill blocks for the finer threads, and an advancing twill for the 2/8 Tencel. These combinations made a fabric with a nice drape, but not too loose. The fabric will be 32 epi, 30 ppi.

But first I have to do a warp on the Fanny (4 shaft counter-balanced loom). More about this project another time.

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